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Best Practice

Holistic Development of girls students through college activities

The objective of the Practice:

The primary goal of the practice is to promote all-round holistic growth of students to develop them into learders and visionaries of tomorrow. The focus is on developing abilities of the students to merge their personal development with the social responsibilities. The overarching and intertwining goal of the teaching learning process is to build responsible students competitive in global issues and groomed to possess the following graduate attributes as documented in the strategic  Plan of the College:

1. Knowledgeable and well-informed

2. Creative and critical thinkers

3. Superior problem-solvers

4. Effective communicators and team players

5. Competent Leaders

6. Innovative and entrepreneurial

7. ICT proficient

8. Socially and Culturally responsive

9. Self-motivated and independent learners

The Context

For any academic institution, the most important outcome of its teaching-learning process is its students, and the energies of the students should be channelized. Recognizing that classroom teaching is limited in its scope, it is pertinent that the College recognizes the demands of dynamic changes in the world of business and management. Focus of the college is on applied and experiential learning so that students will be able to channelize and transform their energies and motivation towards achieving self-actualisation. College helps each individual student in achieving their desired personal, professional, emotional, intellectual and spiritual goals.

Holistic Development through College Activities:

To enhance the applied knowledge of students, a large number of awareness activities are organized by the College throughout the year to touch Physical, social, Emotional intellectual & spirititual development. In order to build future leaders of the country, the College organizes seminars workshops on a variety of fields so that they can learn to solve real world problem.

Responsibility towards community, society and environment:-

 As a responsible institution, the College considers it vital to inculcate a preeminent sense of responsibility in its students towards their community, society, nation and environment. Through close faculty-students interaction and practice of its ideals, the College aims to incorporate a value-driven learning sensitized towards gender, social and environmental issues in students, through National Service Scheme, students get first hand exposure to understand and empathizing with social issues and their effects such as gender, urban poverty, financial illiteracy, sanitation, environmental issues Health and Hygiene etc. This kind of exposure ensures that students become socially and environmentally responsible with a solution driven outlook towards the issues.

The  Practices

To meet the above mentioned goals college encouraged its girls students to participate in college, inter , college, state national level various activities for their interpersonal growth and management of skills as we are aware that students belong from  rural area; to give them exposure is necessary for  prepare them inter personal growth to faculty mentored and monitor them. Focus of S.D. College is on teaching learning and to engage the students both with in and outside the class room. Faculty integrate ICT based teaching with the conventional “chalk and talk” lecture method to create a more dynamic system of education with whatever available resources  Students are taken on field visits and have  experience to broaden their knowledge and right attitude towards life.

1. Teaching is indeed a rare privilege and the teacher is like a gardener who provides the flowering and unfolding of human minds. Lecturing is not education not even its most important ingredient.

2.  Our centre of work is the student & perfection lies in the total identification with her harmonious and multi-sided development.

3.  College sensitize the students for the regional & national needs.

Evidence of success:-

              Holistic education is a movement in education that seeks to engage all aspects of the learner, including mind, body and spirit. Participation by students with full spirit in  different functions, lectures and activities were arranged during the year. The vision of the college is to develop the holistic environment for the students and make the students so efficient that enable them to overcome their fears and face the challenges of the society with confidence.


  • Change in the personality of girls students by giving good atmosphere to flourish
  • Improving the quality of life by providing good education with in limited resources for the future of students & country.

 Problems encountered and Resources Required

  • Need of experts in education research, defence and industrial sector.
  • Shortage of financial (funds) to meet out the requirement of language labs.
  • Inadequate number of teaching & staff.

2. Title of the Practice:- Moral Education

Objective  of the Practice:

  • To prepare students for the above mentioned field
  • Preparing students for future Career
  • Provide good education with religious knowledge to cultivate strong will power.
  •  To build optimistic attitude towards life.
  • Develop the confidence & knowledge level of students so that they can compete at any slage in future Career.

The Context

Our College believes education should contribute not only to the students as individual but also to the social cohesion of a community. Since young people readily and unconsciously assimilate all types of influence good or bad if they do not have proper guidance. It is important that institute provides them with a type of education that will make them acquire sound religious and moral principals and also develop appropriate attitudes and values that will help them to make good choices and decisions in their adulthood. With observance of this college daily conduct fourty five minute session of prayer in which college students sing prayer of Sanskrit Shalokas of Bhagwat Gita which is a Complete Philosophy of living our life. Apart from this college invite different personalities for lectures & share their experiences to play a guiding role in the life of the students. National Anthem is sung at the end every day.

The Practices

  • In the  subject of Sanskrit, moral value education is given to the students through a number of stories and epics such as hitoupdesh (B.A. III), shrimad Bhagwat Gita (B.A. I). Through the medium of literature an effort is made to inculcate moral values in the students. The message of rightness, truth and other values is given to the students on which they can buird a healthy nations.
  • The teachers have spiritual links with students with the help of tutorial periods and organization of different functions. We have great though ordinary aims which enable- students to understand themselves correctly and express forcefully. We inspire them to be creative and be great in any field of their choice- arts, religion, philosophy and business. They are motivated to cultivate strong will-power and optimistic attitude towards life, to go on step by step to attain the goal with enterprise, initiative, determination and persistence. These qualities are reflected in the achievements of our students in academics, cultural, literary and sports activities.
  • Our college aims at turning out ideal students who later on become ideal citizens. It provides suitable family atmosphere for the harmonious development of the personality of the students.
  • Our country needs good citizen who are the masters of tomorrow in form of good civilized citizens. They must possess a strong moral character, qualities of leadership, devotion and service. We will be producing such students with love, advice, warning, encouragements and incentives. The strength of our college is not its buildings and facilities but the congenial and conducive atmosphere which is enriching to attaining excellence notwithstanding its name, the college takes pride in affording to its students a secular, lively, liberal and competitive environment through Moral Education.

Evidence of success:-

  • Good result of students (sports, cultural activities, co-curricular )
  • To provide good educations within limited resources for improving the quality.
  • The member of students increasing every year
  • Good feedback by students for their personality and career.

Problems encountered and Resources Required

  •  Need of experts in education research, defence and industrial sector.
  • Shortage of financial (funds) to meet out the requirement
  • Inadequate number of teaching & staff.